The Swiss Pass.com - Swiss Rail Passes are now called Swiss Travel Passes
SWISS TRAVEL PASS Since a Swiss Pass is so much more than just a rail pass, its name has been changed to Swiss Travel Pass to do justice to all its travel services  products. Travel Switzerland by Train, Bus & Boat Swiss Travel Pass is for travelers who want to thoroughly explore Switzerland. You get unlimited train, bus, and boat travel as well as discounts on many gondolas, funiculars  and mountain trains.    GET FREE SHIPPING If your booking amount is $449 or more in rail products, you will receive FREE SHIPPING. Simply place your booking online and they'll take care of the shipping for you. Offer valid on UPS standard 2-3 day delivery  
. Choose from 4  Swiss Travel Passes** Swiss   Travel   Pass:    If   you   want   to   use   the   Swiss Travel System extensively nearly everday: Swiss   Flexi   Pass:    If   you   want   to   make   long   trips   on selected days: BE CAREFUL: Any bonuses you use on non travel days will cost you a travel day on your Swiss Flexi Pass. Swiss   Youth   Pass:    If   you   want   to   use   the   Swiss Travel   System   extensively   nearly   everyday,   are   age   16 to   25   and   want   to   pay   18%   less   than   for   an   Swiss Travel   Pass   yet   have   the   same   benefits.   The   age   limit counts   for   your   first   day   of   travel.   In   other   words,   if   you are   still   25   years   when   you   order   the   pass   but   already 26   years   when   you   start   traveling,   you   are   not   entitled to   use   a   Youth   Pass.   There   is   no   flexi   pass   option   for Swiss Youth Passes: Swiss   Transfer   Ticket:    If   you   want   to   travel   from   the Swiss   border   or   an   airport   to   your   resort   and   back   and you won't be traveling a lot during your stay:  **CAUTION Periodically, Rail Europe changes terms and conditions on travel passes after you have ordered them. The Swiss Pass.com can’t  control and is not responsible for these changes.