General problem
  • 1) How many experiment courses are you offered in your department? Are they the independent course or as a part of theory course?
  • 2) How many students do experiments for each course?
  • 3) How many experiments are the students required to do per semester? How many hours do they spend for the experiment course?
  • 4) How do you teach students the “data analysis”?
Teaching methods
  • 1) What are efficient ways to stir up the students’ interest?
  • 2) What measures you have taken are mostly welcome by students?
  • 3) How can we grade students fairly?
Lab report
  • 1) The format for the lab report.
  • 2) How many days the report should be completed after the experiment?
  • 3) How many hours the students do experiment and write lab report respectively?
  • 4) How to help the students improve their writing skills?
About TA
  • 1) How many TA participate in lab-teaching per semester?
  • 2) How do you train TA and evaluate TA’s performance?
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
文章1 A low-cost setup for microstructuring experiments using a homemade UV laserlaser_paper_in_ajp.pdf
讲义1“Quantum Eraser”Analogy Experiment–provided by Dr. Antje Bergmann
讲义2Black Lipid Membrane–provided by Dr.Naber
讲义3The Optical Tweezer–provided by Dr.Naber
其它二年级物理实验安排—-provided by Dr.Simonis
University of Cambridge
资料1Keeping Laboratory Notes and Writing Formal Reports
资料2Example of a formal report
资料3一年级物理实验 第1学期物理实验记录本
资料4一年级物理实验 第1-3学期实验讲义
资料5二年级物理实验 Systems and Measurement
资料6Physics Course Handbook 2011-12
Imperial College London
资料11st Year Laboratory Manual
资料22nd Year Computing Laboratory
资料3Wave & Wave Propagation (2nd Year Laboratory 2012)
资料4Solid State Physics Expriment (2nd Year Laboratory 2012)
资料5Radioactivity- Interaction of photons with matter
资料6Interferometry and Holography (2nd Year Laboratory 2012)
资料7The Spectroscopy Experiment (2nd Year Laboratory 2012)
资料8Charges and Fields (2nd Year Laboratory 2012)
资料9Radioactivity Experiment (2nd Year Laboratory 2012)
Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS)


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