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                                                   VAT REFUND The   VAT   (value   added   tax)   rate   in   Switzerland   is   8.0%.   VAT   is   already   included   in   the purchase   price.   As   a   traveler   residing   outside   of   Switzerland,   you   can   claim   a   VAT   refund   if you've   purchased   goods   valued   at   least   CHF   300.00   per   day.   The   purchased   goods   must   be taken   out   of   the   country   within   30   days,   and   must   be   shown   to   the   Swiss   customs   officials upon departure.  Below are the steps to get the refund: 1. Get the export stamp Present the completed Global Blue Cheque to Swiss customs authorities and have the goods ready for inspection. There is no refund given without valid customs stamp. 2. Collecting your refund Present   the   blue   original   of   the   Global   Blue   Check   (stamped   by   Swiss   customs   authorities)   at the   Global   Blue   Cash   Refund   Office   and   you   will   get   your   refund   in   cash   or   on   a   chosen credit   card.   If   for   any   reason   the   Cash   Refund   Office   is   closed,   you   may   drop   your   stamped check   in   the   post   box   in   front   of   the   counter.   Don't   forget   to   include   your   credit   card   number on the blue original of the check.