The Swiss Pass.com - Swiss Rail Passes are now called Swiss Travel Passes
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            Travel Bonuses for Trains and Museums in Switzerland   Trains The   Swiss   Travel   Pass   offers   reservations   on   many   high   speed   and   night   trains.   A   reservation is   used   in   conjunction   with   your   rail   pass   and   replaces   a   full   fare   ticket   on   a   train   that   requires reservations. Travel   on   these   trains   will   require   you   to   use   1   day   on   your   rail   pass. The   following trains offer reservations with a Swiss Travel Pass: TGV Lyria City Night Line MUSEUMS The Swiss Travel Pass is valid as a Swiss Museum Pass that gives you access to more than 500 museums in Switzerland. Some of the museums that are included are: Tram Museum in Zurich Olympic Museum in Lausanne Paul Klee Center in Bern A detailed list of museums is available at Museumspass. Mountain Top Excursions Free Access to Mount Rigi Rail Free Access to Schynige Platte Railway