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Train Travel Tips Get   to   the   station   about   30   minutes   before your     train     departs,     especially     in     more crowded        stations        with        international connections   such   as   Zurich's   main   station. This    gives    you    enough    time    to    find    your train,   stow   your   luggage,   and   get   settled   for the trip. Always   have   your   Swiss   Travel   Pass    and passport    handy    so    you    can    show    them quickly to conductors and customs officials. Don't   place   your   feet   on   the   seats   unless you’ve   taken   off   your   shoes   or   have   placed a protective covering on the seat. Place   your   luggage   in   the   overhead   racks   or   the   luggage   vestibules,   not   on   your   seats with the purpose of insuring you won't be crowded by other passengers. Observe the smoking and no smoking areas and rules to avoid the risk of stiff fines. Honor   seat   reservations   markers.   Reserved   seats   are   usually   marked   by   a   ticket inserted   at   the   top   of   the   seat.   Even   though   the   seat   may   seem   unoccupied,   this avoids the embarrassment of the person with the reserved seat showing up. Ask   the   conductor   to   make   your   dining-car   reservations   on   long   distance   trains   soon after   boarding   and   request   to   see   a   menu   at   the   same   time.   There   are   usually   2 servings   on   dining-cars.   The   first   serving   is   preferable   because   the   second   serving   is scheduled   so   the   cleaning   crew   has   time   to   clean-up   before   arrival   resulting   in   diners being more rushed.