The Swiss Pass.com - Swiss Rail Passes are now called Swiss Travel Passes
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Swiss Travel Pass With   the   Swiss   Travel   Pass    you   get   unrestricted   travel on   the   entire   rail,   bus   and   boat   network   of   the   Swiss Travel   System,   (including   city   buses   and   trams).         You receive    all    the    travel    bonuses     listed    on    the    ordering page.The   Swiss   Travel   Pass   is   a   consecutive   day   pass which   means   it   provides   unlimited   rail   travel   every   day for   the   duration   of   the   pass.   If   you   don't   travel   on   any   of the   days   covered   in   your   pass,   you   lose   that   day.    This   is ideal   for   anyone   who   expects   to   travel   or   use   the   travel bonuses everyday.              Is a Swiss Travel Pass right for you? If   you   are   staying   up   to   15   days   and   you   don't   have   a set   itinerary,   a   Swiss   Travel   Pass    gives   you   more   flexibility   than   a   Swiss   Flexi   Pass.   It's convenient   because   you   have   total   daily   access   for   local   trips,   longer   trips,   boat   trips,   and free bonuses.