The Swiss Pass.com - Swiss Rail Passes are now called Swiss Travel Passes
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 Swiss Transfer Ticket The   Swiss   Transfer   Ticket   provides   round-trip   travel   from any    Swiss    airport    or    border    town    to    a    single    Swiss destination   for   less   money   than   point-to-point   tickets.   It’s often   used   for   travelers   staying   in   one   location   that   just need   a   simple   way   in   and   out,   and   is   very   popular   for   the winter   holidays   -   It's   perfect   for   skiers,   snowboarders   and hikers.   You   get   2   transfers   by   rail   between   any   Swiss airport    or    border    town    and    any    single    destination    in Switzerland .   Please   Note:    Each   transfer   must   be   completed   in   one   day   and   you   have   1   month   to complete entire (inbound and outbound) journey.       Is the Swiss Transfer Ticket right for you? The   Swiss   Transfer   Ticket   is   ideal   if   you   are   going   to   stay   in   Switzerland   for   a   week   or less    and    are    dedicated    to    doing    specific    activities    in    one    location    without    any intentions of leaving your resort area.