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          Swiss Family Card  The   Swiss   Family   Card   is   available   for   children   ages   6   to   15   traveling   with   a   parent   or guardian   who   purchased   any   Swiss   Pass   -   Request   the   Swiss   Family   Card   when   ordering your   pass   or   you   can   request   your   Swiss   Family   Card   at   the   train   station   in   Switzerland   -   it's free.   TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN Parents and legal guardians, your kids aged 6 to 15 will travel free if you get a Swiss Family Card. Children under 6 are free. Children    who    are    6-15    years    of    age    not traveling   with   a   parent   or   legal   guardian   get   a 50%   discount   off   2nd   class,   40%   discount   off 1st class. 1st    Class    might    be    better    for    parents    with children   because   (1)   its   not   easy   to   keep   track of     seats     and     manage     kids     in     crowded conditions;   (2)   since   your   own   kids   are   free,   it   doesn't   matter   whether   they   are   in   1st   or 2nd class. IC   (InterCity)   double   decker   trains   typically   include   a   family   wagon   in   the   second-class carriages.   This   is   indicated   by   the   symbol   FA   in   the   timetable.   A   family   wagon   offers   a play area for kids.