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                                   PERSONAL SAFETY Switzerland,   not   surprisingly,   is   one   of   the   safest   countries   in   Europe.   There   is   a   low   threat from   terrorism.      However,   there   has   been   an   increase   in   reports   of   theft    especially   in   larger cities,   at   Geneva   airport   and   on   trains   to/from   Geneva.   Generally,   you   are   safe   anywhere   at any time. If, for any reason, you feel threatened, seek a nearby restaurant, hotel or shop. Swiss Police Unlike    some    more    highly    policed    countries,    officers    will    rarely approach    civilians    to    ask    if    they    need    help.    However,    police    are serious   about   traffic   violations.   Jaywalking   (crossing   a   red   pedestrian light),   for   example,   will   be   fined   on   the   spot. Also,   over   the   years   there has   been   an   increase   in   local   officers   being   harsher   towards   visiting individuals   who   can't   show   their   proof   of   identity   paperwork,   so   you'll want   to   keep   your   passport   with   you   at   all   times.   If   you   need   to   report a   crime   in   Switzerland,   call   117.   Operators   are   generally   English- speaking. Good Samaritan Law Switzerland   has   very   strong   Good   Samaritan   laws,   making   it   a   civic   duty   to   help   others   in need   (without   unduly   endangering   oneself).   People   are   therefore   very   willing   and   ready   to   help you   if   you   appear   to   be   in   an   emergency   situation.   Be   aware,   though,   that   the   same   applies   to you   if   you   witness   anyone   in   danger.   The   refusal   to   help   a   person   in   need   can   be   punishable by law. Wilderness Dangers There   is   a   risk   of   flooding,   landslides   and   avalanches   in   some   parts   of   the   country.   Before traveling,    check    the    local    weather    forecast     for    latest    information    including    any    possible dangerous   weather   conditions .   If   you   plan   skiing   or   hiking,   check   weather   conditions   and follow   local   advice   before   going.   Take   care   and   observe   all   written   notices   and   warnings.   See Outdoor sports activities