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                                           HEALTH Switzerland    has    a    modern    and    efficient    health    care    system.    Switzerland’s healthcare   is   one   of   the   top   ranked   in   the   world   and   very   accessible.   Although Switzerland   is   fairly   small,   there   are   plenty   of   hospitals   and   clinics   that   offer services   for   foreigners.   Many   doctors   in   Switzerland   are   multilingual   and   can easily   communicate   with   you   in   English. As   a   tourist,   you   may   want   to   purchase an   international   medical   policy   or   find   out   if   your   insurance   policy   from   back home can be used in Switzerland.  Health Insurance Most    medical    insurance    policies    cover    you    if    you    get    sick    away    from    home,    but    check,        especially if you have an HMO.  Health Insurance Tips: Don't   buy   insurance   you   don't   need.   Call   your   insurance   representative   to   check   if   you're covered   for   medical   emergencies   outside   the   U.S.   by   your   current   medical   insurance policy, Health Maintenance Organization or Medicare. Establish   a   contact   with   your   health   insurance   provider   to   find   out   how   to   get   help   and   to file   a   claim.   Take   this   information   with   you   abroad   along   with   the   name   of   the   person   you contacted.   Pack   your   policy   number   and   details.   Your   proof   of   coverage   will   help   medical   authorities get payment from your insurance company. Make   sure   your   existing   coverage   includes   medical   evacuation,   especially   on   adventure trips. .    About Us | Contact Us |Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions |Site Map