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                                                    Currency The   franc   (German:   Franken,   French   and   Romansh:   Franc,   Italian:   Franco;   code:   CHF)   is   the currency   and   legal   tender   of   Switzerland   and   Liechtenstein.   The   Swiss   franc   is   the   only version   of   the   franc   still   issued   in   Europe.   The   smaller   denomination,   a   hundredth   of   a   franc, is   a   Rappen   (Rp.)   in   German,   centime   (c.)   in   French,   centesimo   (ct.)   in   Italian,   and   rap   (rp.)   in Romansh.   The   ISO   code   of   the   currency   used   by   banks   and   financial   institutions   is   CHF, although   "Fr."   is   used   by   most   businesses   and   advertisers;   some   use   SFr.;   the   Latinate "CHF" stands for Confoederatio Helvetica. Get current exchange rate here                                     CREDIT CARDS Many   Swiss   businesses   will   print   your   entire   credit   card   number   into   the   receipt,   thus   raising identity   theft   concerns   when   shopping   with   a   credit   card   in   Switzerland.   So   when   using   a credit card, check the information printed on all receipts before discarding them. Travel Tip Make sure you have enough cash, not every restaurant or shop accepts credit cards!