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                                                                                        Entry Requirements  To enter Switzerland a U.S citizen must have a passport that's  valid 3 months beyond their intended stay.  You must also have tickets and documents for return to the U.S or onward travel. No Visa is required for stay up to three months. Vaccinations are not required. U.S. GREEN CARD HOLDERS  No   visa   is   required   for   foreigners   who   have   a   valid   U.S.   green   card   (Permanent   Resident Card,   form   I-551)   and   a   valid   national   passport   for   tourism,   visits,   business   or   medical treatment   for   a   stay   up   to   90   days.   Both   documents   (passport   and   green   card)   must   be   valid at   least   three   months   after   leaving   Swiss   territory.   Please   note   that   the   passport   stamp "processed   for   I-551"   is   not   considered   a   green   card   and   that   general   visa   requirements would apply in that case. SWISS EMBASSY Contact the Swiss Embassy if you need more information. There are many Swiss Embassies and Consulates in the U.S. Each of these have a specific jurisdiction.