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                                                        Customs What You Can Take into Switzerland    The following goods and quantities may be imported duty-free into Switzerland per person  for private consumption or as gifts: Alcoholic Beverages* 5 litres up to 18% vol.  1 litre over 18% vol.  Tobacco* 250 cigarettes or 250 cigars  250 grams of other tobacco products *Minimum age 17 VAT Duty-Free Allowances The   duty-free   allowance   is   CHF   300   per   person   per   day.   The   value   of   all   goods   brought   into   the country   including   alcoholic   beverages   and   tobacco   products   is   decisive.   If   the   sum   of   CHF   300 is   exceeded,   VAT   is   payable   on   the   total   value   of   all   goods .   When   declaring   goods,   please have all receipts and your travel documents ready. Beware of Forgeries    It   is   against   the   law   to   bring   forgeries   of   branded   or   designer   goods   into   the   country,   including those   items   being   imported   for   personal   use. Any   forgeries   that   are   detected   will   be   confiscated and destroyed. Goods of Animal or Plant Origin Passengers   are   not   permitted   to   import   any   foodstuffs   of   animal   origin,   such   as   meat   and   dairy products, from non-EU or non-EFTA countries. Importing living plants or parts of plants (incl. fruit and vegetables) from non-EU and non-EFTA countries and the Canary Islands is subject to restrictions or is prohibited. About Us | Contact Us |Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions |Site Map Copyright 2016 TTheSwissPass.com -  All Rights Reserved