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    Climate  The   Swiss   climate   is   not   as   cold   as   people   normally   think, though   the   highest   peaks   of   the   Alps   can   get   snow   year- round.   There   are   no   extremes   of   hot   and   cold,   so   the country can be visited at any time of year. German Region of Switzerland From    December    to    March,    the    weather    lends    itself    to winter   sports   and   crowds   of   tourists   flock   to   the   various cross-country    ski    resorts.    If    the    summer    climate    could never   really   be   described   as   hot,   it   is   certainly   warm   and very   pleasant. Temperatures   range   from   56-77   degrees   in summer; fall 43-57; winter 26-36; spring 41-60. French Region of Switzerland The   climate   is   temperate.   Winters   are   moderately   mild,   usually   with   light   frosts   at   night   and thawing   conditions   during   the   day.   Summers   are   pleasantly   warm.   Temperatures   range   from 53-76 degrees in summer; fall 42-57; winter 28-38; spring 38-56. Italian Region of Switzerland In   summer,   the   Ticino   area   around   the   beautiful   lakes   Maggiore   and   Lugano   is   among   the mildest   in   Switzerland. Away   from   the   mountains   winters   tend   to   be   fairly   mild.   Temperatures range from 62-79 degrees in summer; fall 48-61; winter 32-42; spring 45-59. About Us | Contact Us |Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions |Site Map Copyright 2016 TTheSwissPass.com -  All Rights Reserved